A street in Kreuzberg, Berlin, that just happens to be the one I live on. Originally (the first two weeks I lived in Berlin) I was at 59A, now I’m at 32. They’re pretty much right across the street from each other on the south side of the Urbanstraße intersection.

Food & Drink

About the only things we’re missing on this street are Currywurst and Döner. The nearest ones are over on Kottbusser Damm.

Pizza Siciliana

The food isn’t great, but at €2 for a whole pizza, and €3 for a bowl of pasta, you can’t really complain. (The pizzas are about 3–4x the size of the slices usually sold for €2 at places like the one on Mehringdamm.) The advertised pizza price is €1,99, but I’ve never, ever received the extra cent in change.

Orient Falafel

Actually the nicest schawarma I’ve had in Berlin. Easily beats the Lebanese place on Adalbertstraße. But be warned: they drip tahina everywhere.

Asia Snack

This is my local example of what I believe to be a global cultural phenomenon: the Chinese restaurant that’s never open. As such, I don’t know what the food is like there.


Volkspark Hasenheide

A nice lightly-wooded park. Walk (or cycle) right through it and you come to Tempelhofer Feld; turn right and walk 5 minutes and you’re in Neukölln.